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Thứ ba - 25/09/2018 10:42
        On the 20th of September 2018, We had a wonderful time at the English speaking club of Le Quy Don secondary school with our vice-principals: Mrs. Lau Ha, Mrs. Huyen Nguyen, Mr.Joost from Germany, and teachers of English and 64 members from all classes in our school.

           Firstly, we sang songs, and played games: Simon says. All of us were very happy when there were four students losing the game, and they had to dance the song PPAP.
             Secondly, all new members from grade 6 introduced about themselves.


         Then we know more about a beautiful country – Germany by the presentation of Thuy Duong from class 9C. There were a plenty of interesting pictures about this country.

            After that, we took part in cultural exchanges with our English teacher – Mr.Joost with some questions about his life and country. From his answers, we can study many things, and broaden our mind in many different ways. Moreover, we watched a video about a city of Germany – Husam with marvellous sceneries, and we also saw Mr.Joost’s house.

             Besides, we also played the Pouncing game to answer Mr.Joost’s questions . All the students were very ardent and happy.
             Finnally, All students and teachers danced with Mr.Joost following a very funny song.

            Although we had a short time together, all of us felt very glad, and merry. I think English is good for us. It is our second language, helps us be more creative and improve our knowledge. I hope our English speaking club will be held more and more, then we’ll have much time together.

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